Ogrodowa Apartment

Interior designers work the best! It’s easy to prove. First of all, what we see when photographing is usually beautiful, aesthetic and has an interesting form. Sounds like a cliche, but it is – it’s nice to be in beautiful interiors. Secondly, such a well-composed image can be easily photographed. The camera is on a tripod and the trigger is pressed remotely. And thirdly, when we photograph the interiors, the architects are there and take care of every detail. They nit-pick, attach themselves to every slightest shortcoming and are able to completely change the frame, just because, although there was a salt cellar, there was no symmetry. And that’s why we get along well with interior architects because we are the same and we look forward to a great job. It’s general. Because in detail, how well you work with Kaeel Group is a completely different story and we will definitely come back to this topic sometime. In the meantime … here are some photos from the project flat “in Ogrodowa” . Pictures without our logo are not photos, they are visualization.

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