56 megapixels

We’ve showed you new Olympus E-M5II on Instagram today. I am not convinced that the photo captures the real beauty of this camera, but it is definitely the most beautiful, the most stylish compact I’ve ever seen. Right next to Fuji X100 . However, there is something that really interested us, from the first rumors about the new E-M5 – sensor shift. Here’s a file with a resolution of 56 megapixels (!), Made by Olympus OM-D E-M5II. It is worth noting that the photo is made with a lens the size of three caps from the bottle, and the file has dimensions 9216 x 6144 pixels. I have the impression that technologically reflex cameras are starting to look like cameras from the age of our parents. JPEG files were not sharpened, we didn’t manipulate anything. I think we’ll find even sharper lens :) The above frame is the whole picture. The following is one to one magnification. Here you can download the file. (23MB).

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