People of Woodstock

We are back from Woodstock! Heart broken as we coundn’t stay as long as we wanted to and we left a day early. We we late the first day actually and spent just a day and a half. Not enough! We come to the Przystanek Woodstock festival just for fun – the first time for a very long time we decided to do something for ourselves only. We wanted to be there, by the stage, right next to the greatest band, but we wanted to take some pictures as well and just see this great festival. And? It was an outstanding time! Przystanek Woodstock is as a giant mass party, lasting for several days. Where ever you look there are hundreds thousands of happy, smiling pepole. This is such an event that there is no way I could use words to describe what we felt, saw and went through. Woodstock a Polish national treasure and a greatest national pride. We met a lot of foreign guests from all over the Europe and US. The world heard about that festival and loves it! Before we even started we agreed that taking pictures will be the most important activity. We wanted do something unique, something we coundn’t find elsewhere. I always wanted to take such hybrid images – grain of street photography, grain of portrait, some posing to existing places and situations. The whole idea was to take pictures of all the people that create the festival, from both sides of the stage. We got an unrestricted accreditation and we started to wander around. We were in the tents and camps, we visited outdoor showers, broadcast vans, we were at the backstage and even at the stage during performances. We were in the crowd when the whole sky was covered with holi powder. We were literally everywhere! Have a great time watching!

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February 28, 2016

Breathtaking photos! Well done!

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