Do you know what you see?

While working on the film “The Lord of Colors” , we create different, more or even more interesting materials and from one such material we created a poster. More or less every second person knows what he sees, every fourth claims that this photo is Photoshop, but only single people, much, much less respondents can justify what happened here. So we explain;) This is, of course, a fragment taken entirely out of context, but it must be remembered that this is only the basis for the right considerations. What you see in the picture is a pear, such as for blowing sand from the camera matrix. The pear has been illuminated with three light sources, from three different perspectives – red, green and blue. Three colors, yellow, purple and cyan are pear shades, but in each of the three cases, the pear exudes only one color of light. Each shade of color therefore has the color resulting from the combination of only two sources. There is one more interesting observation. The remaining part of the frame is illuminated with the same three light sources, but all of them simultaneously and easily observe that the mix of all three colors, red, green and blue, gives white light. It is not a physical fantasy, but a photographic foundation and in practice it looks like in the picture below. It is worth paying attention to even more shadows behind the cardboard background (cyan, yellow, red and blue, cyan, yellow) and coloring in the left and right part of the white-lighted cardboard. All this results from the reverse squared power of each source. Not bad, huh? ;)